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Author Archives: jschmidty

Sometimes you just gotta enjoy the scenery – Powderface42

This is long delayed, but does it really matter? Back in July I ran Powderface42, a trail marathon with epic scenery. I ran this race for the first time in 2010 and really enjoyed the course. It’s lots of single-track through the foothills of Kananaskis Country with amazing views of the mountains. The course is … Continue reading »

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A perfect race? Is there such a thing? Well…almost…

Coulee Cactus went better than I expected in many ways. I hadn’t run more than 1.5 hrs in many months and tackling a 3 hr+ course (~32km) was sure to tax my body in many ways I’d hadn’t since Lost Soul 53k last September. The good news though is that the body held up well. … Continue reading »

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One day until Coulee Cactus 39k trail race

Tomorrow is the big day for Coulee Cactus trail race. Actually it’s a pretty low-key race, but it’s still a race so I’m looking forward to the challenge of competing. The race is about 39km and it’ll be my first trail race of the season. It all goes well, it’ll be followed by Powderface 42k … Continue reading »

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Moonlight Run 10k – exact same time!

A 10k road race definitely isn’t my favourite type of race. I’d rather spend some time on trails in a beautiful area jumping over roots and rocks and enjoying the scenery. Nonetheless, a 10k is a great chance to test overall fitness. It’s long enough to require you to maintain speed over distance. Last year … Continue reading »

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Less than two weeks til Moonlight 10k

Well, it’s less than 2 weeks until the Moonlight 10k and I’m as uncertain as ever if I’ll reach my sub-40 minute goal. I feel good and have trained hard when I’ve been able to; however every time I do a time trial or tempo type run I hover just over 4 min/km and feel … Continue reading »

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Looking forward to 2012

2012 began with a rocky start. Our whole family contracted the seasonal flu virus and we’re still recovering over a week later. Nonetheless the idea of training has gone slower than expected. I’ve gotten back to short lunch hour training runs, but I am still feeling the effects of the flu bug and had to … Continue reading »

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Sub 19 min 5k

To catch things up from my last post. I ran a 5k time trial at the U of L indoor track on Wed Nov 16 in 19:20. I was pretty pleased with that, though I was aiming for a sub 19 minute result. The 20 seconds equates to less than 1 second per lap at … Continue reading »

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A break on the trails

I love trail running. If you know me this isn’t anything new. The ability to be in nature and travel vast distances across any type of terrain makes trail running one of the most amazing experiences in the world. I love jumping over rocks, running up and down hills, seeing deer, beavers, birds, hawks, beautiful … Continue reading »

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Lately I’ve had this notion in my head that I can run an 18 minute 5k and a sub-40 minute 10k. I think the latter is possible, but the former I’m uncertain. Working on a speed is much more difficult in some aspects than distance. With distance training there’s a lot of certainty that with … Continue reading »

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Doing what you love for the love of it.

I was astounded by this short video. It features the world’s top ultra runner revealing that he’d lost his love for running. Kilian Jornet has won virtually every single major ultramarathon in the world and he’s only 24 years old. The video does an excellent job portraying how his hectic schedule and corporate sponsorship led … Continue reading »

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