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Author Archives: jschmidty

Progress, or something

So this blog has been focusing mostly on my running regime. This isn’t because the other aspects of my life aren’t interesting, quite the opposite in fact, rather it’s because most other people in my life shouldn’t or couldn’t be bothered with all these thoughts on running. With that said, yesterday I was at my … Continue reading »

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HITting the ground running

HIT or High Intensity Training has gotten quite a bit of buzz in the running world lately. Basically it’s the concept of replacing long slower training runs with short high intensity running workouts. The jury is out on whether this is the best method to improve performance for say, a marathon or ultra marathon, but … Continue reading »

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Running, the beginnings. my story.

It all began in 2004 when my sister suggested I enter a 15km running race with her. I had always thought running was a means to something else, like when I ran around my block to train for basketball season. But to actually run, just for the sake of running…well…I hadn’t done that since grade … Continue reading »

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Back to the blog

After a flurry of life events including moving, new job, and the birth of our two children I feel like getting back into this blog. I feel I have some things to say and write about whether anyone wants to read them or not. There have been so many amazing events in my life over … Continue reading »

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Lost Soul Ultra 2011

Last year (2010) was my first shot at running the Lost Soul Ultra 50k. I had trained hard, quite hard in my opinion – putting in a lot of tough 3 hr+ training runs on the course. I was familiar with virtually the entire course after a year of running the coulees with experienced local … Continue reading »

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Lost Soul Ultra 2010

Here’s shortened race story. The Lost Soul Ultra runs through Lethbridge’s beautiful river valley, winding its way up and down the hills (something like 15 of them). I’d run almost the entire course over the last year with our Tue night run group. So I felt confident that I knew what to expect and had … Continue reading »

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Commuting to work: the sustainable way 2010

Here’s 2010 – sustainable ways to get to and from work.

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Lost Soul Ultra

Well, I finally got off the waiting list for the Lost Soul Ultra 50k. So on September 11, 2010 I’ll be attempting to race through the coulees and enjoy the beautiful rugged prairie river valley in the city that I’m currently living in. Lethbridge is a beautiful city, but it’s beauty is not always appreciated … Continue reading »

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30 things in 30 days

In light of my pending old age I’m proposing to do 30 things in 30 days following my 30th birthday on November 12th. I was trying to think of something that would make me feel young at-heart and would involve friends and family from around the world. The catch is that you (my friends and … Continue reading »

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July biking

In July I calculated that I biked 375 km. I don’t have a bike computer, so this is an estimate based on online mapping.I biked a total of 16 days out of a possible of 19. Only three days I drove due to rain or other circumstances – overall a great month for biking! It’s … Continue reading »

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