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Techie Stuff

My Video Resume

After my previous post you’ve probably all been waiting for my own video resume. Well, after compiling a summary of my awards, work experience and creative arts portfolio I have a finished my video resume. The video resume is meant to be a supplement to my paper resume. The video resume does a much better … Continue reading »

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Video Resumes

“I don’t think you can communicate creatively and attitude through a resume.” ~Employer Being in the job hunt has made me think deeper about how to present myself and what I’ve accomplished. I’ve also been thinking over a recent interview question about ‘being innovative’ that I felt I answered poorly, despite having done numerous ‘innovative’ … Continue reading »

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Woo hoo – A new photo gallery!

I’ve always wanted to have my own photo library and I’m finally satisfied with a new desktop and web setup that I’ve developed. The gallery is up at: On my desktop I’m using Adobe Bridge to create keywords and organize my photos. Online I’m using Gallery 2, which reads the keywords from Bridge. So … Continue reading »

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Wildlife Video

The below video is actually a series of individually taken photos from a wildlife camera project I was working in. The still photos are taken from a motion-sensed camera. The cameras used for this montage were all monochrome cameras. The wind in certain areas was so prevalent that the cameras took pictures every second for … Continue reading »

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Virtual Tours

I was looking around at Virtual tour software and settled on one that was quite easy to use and published with flash. I know I could probably figure it out on my own, but why? There’s all this great software out there, so why not use it? I love panoramic pictures and this is a … Continue reading »

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Final Animation Assignment completed

So I had the vision of doing a short canoe animation for my final 3D modeling assignment and I finally completed it about a week ago. You can now view it in the graphic arts section of this site. Most of the video was done in AutoDesk Viz 2007. After that I integrated some still … Continue reading »

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New 3D Modelling Video

There’s a new 3D modelling video in the graphics section so check it out. Don’t forget to turn up your sound, because there’s some dramatic music to set the scene. The animations were created in Autodesk Viz 2007, the model was mostly created in ArchiCAD and the video was put together in Ulead’s Video Editor. … Continue reading »

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3D Modelling

So if you haven’t caught up with my life, Darlene and I are now living in Calgary and I’m at the University of Calgary pursuing a Masters in Environmental Design – Planning. One of my electives this term is 3D computer modelling. The course is quite fabulous and tons of fun. I’ve posted a bit … Continue reading »

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Jon’s Adventure Map

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New graphic design website…

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