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Save the Earth

Commuting to work: the sustainable way 2010

Here’s 2010 – sustainable ways to get to and from work.

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Why do socieities collapse?

I came across Jared Diamond’s online lecture about his book Collapse while searching for his book online for my Masters thesis. The lecture is an excellent summary about why societies collapse due to ecological destruction. Diamond links ecological collapse to total social, economic and cultural collapse. His book Collapse was a best-seller and for good … Continue reading »

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How far is your commute? 90km bicycle commuter in Manitoba

I just got finished reading a CBC article about a man who commutes 90km one way by bicycle! Lacking free time to increase his bicycling training he began considering cycling the 90km from Portage la Prairie to his work in Winnipeg. The article states that he began doing this last year once a week and … Continue reading »

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Wildlife Video

The below video is actually a series of individually taken photos from a wildlife camera project I was working in. The still photos are taken from a motion-sensed camera. The cameras used for this montage were all monochrome cameras. The wind in certain areas was so prevalent that the cameras took pictures every second for … Continue reading »

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Tracking the weather forecast

I, like many of you, am looking forward to the long weekend. I would like to go canoeing with Darlene’s family, but we will only go canoeing if the weather cooperates. With today’s long term and short term weather forecasts we often look in anxious anticipation to what the weather is going to be for … Continue reading »

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We are destroying 2/3 of Earth’s ecosystems

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Hate television? Now you can do something about it.

Mitch Altman of San Francisco has invented a device that will turn off televisions all across the world. The device is similar to a universal remote control, but fits within a keychain. The TV-B-gone costs $14.99 USD and allows users to turn off over 1000 television models around the world, including in airports, restaurants, and … Continue reading »

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Wetland Field Trip!!!!

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Where does wisdom come from?

Found in a book on Canadian diamond mining: “Man puts an end to darkness, and searches every recess for ore in the darkness and the shadow of death. He breaks open a shaft away from people, in places where there is no foothold, and hangs suspended far from mankind. That earth from which bread comes … Continue reading »

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America’s Horrible Environmental Record

Check out an extensive article about America’s horrible environmental record. This is my plug for The Guardian, it deals with real issues, isn’t afraid to bash Americans and has lots of stuff on its webpage.

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