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Monthly Archives: May 2008

Physiotherapy and Transrockies Video

I’ve been going to physiotherapy for over a month now and my knee is slowly getting better. The whole thing involves much more patience than I expected. I was thinking that I’d be healed up in about a month and back running. I was doing a good job of taking it easy until I played … Continue reading »

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It’s confirmed, my knee has 2 parts

So it turns out from the x-rays that my left knee has bipartite patella – a condition where the two patella bones don’t fuse together during childhood development. The result is basically an extra little piece of bone at the top of the knee cap. Looks a bit funny if you stare at it for … Continue reading »

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Bipartite Patella…you say I have a what?

So I’ve been getting physio for the last few weeks for my left knee. After a few weeks of taking it easy (no running or exercise) and lots of icing and physio exercises the prominent bump in my kneecap was still not going down. My physiotherapist seemed a bit perplexed and was looking into it … Continue reading »

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Wildlife Video

The below video is actually a series of individually taken photos from a wildlife camera project I was working in. The still photos are taken from a motion-sensed camera. The cameras used for this montage were all monochrome cameras. The wind in certain areas was so prevalent that the cameras took pictures every second for … Continue reading »

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