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Monthly Archives: December 2008

Video Resumes

“I don’t think you can communicate creatively and attitude through a resume.” ~Employer Being in the job hunt has made me think deeper about how to present myself and what I’ve accomplished. I’ve also been thinking over a recent interview question about ‘being innovative’ that I felt I answered poorly, despite having done numerous ‘innovative’ … Continue reading »

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Running across Canada

Recently some CBC producers went on my website and uploaded a unique running opportunity in the forum section. The producers are seeking 12 runners who will re-trace the steps of Terry Fox (at the same rate as Terry) in the summer of 2009. It’s a 4 month commitment and you have to submit a … Continue reading »

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So apparently I’ve missed an entire underground running movement, perhaps that’s because I do all of my running ‘aboveground’. But I was interested in an article that came across my email about ‘parkour’ a new running ‘style’ where people basically navigate around our urban jungles jumping off of buildings, concrete walls and whatever else gets … Continue reading »

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