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Monthly Archives: October 2011

HITting the ground running

HIT or High Intensity Training has gotten quite a bit of buzz in the running world lately. Basically it’s the concept of replacing long slower training runs with short high intensity running workouts. The jury is out on whether this is the best method to improve performance for say, a marathon or ultra marathon, but … Continue reading »

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Running, the beginnings. my story.

It all began in 2004 when my sister suggested I enter a 15km running race with her. I had always thought running was a means to something else, like when I ran around my block to train for basketball season. But to actually run, just for the sake of running…well…I hadn’t done that since grade … Continue reading »

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Back to the blog

After a flurry of life events including moving, new job, and the birth of our two children I feel like getting back into this blog. I feel I have some things to say and write about whether anyone wants to read them or not. There have been so many amazing events in my life over … Continue reading »

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