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Doing what you love for the love of it.

Posted by on November 2, 2011

I was astounded by this short video. It features the world’s top ultra runner revealing that he’d lost his love for running. Kilian Jornet has won virtually every single major ultramarathon in the world and he’s only 24 years old. The video does an excellent job portraying how his hectic schedule and corporate sponsorship led him to drop out of a race simply, as he says, because he didn’t want to run anymore. In short, it wasn’t fun, it was work and that made him sad.

I have profound respect for his sponsor Salomon in creating this short video. They could’ve kept pressuring him and pushed his rigorous schedule, but instead they chose the higher ground and allowed Kilian to be human. In the end, it’ll probably pay off for Salomon, but I’m sure it was difficult. Kilian’s story hits at the heart of the issue for many of us. What do you love to do? Think about that activity and then think about how easily that joy can be taken from you. Many of us can think about an activity we used to love, but then something changed and we no longer came to love that activity. I love how Kilian has returned to the mountains he loves to renew his energy and restore himself. What a perfect picture of how to regain that love of your sport or activity. Return to what made you love it. In a world where too much has become a job and corporate interests strive to appropriate all we love, Kilian reminds us that we must return to the land that gives us strength. Enough said – watch the movie.

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