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Sub 19 min 5k

Posted by on December 12, 2011

To catch things up from my last post. I ran a 5k time trial at the U of L indoor track on Wed Nov 16 in 19:20. I was pretty pleased with that, though I was aiming for a sub 19 minute result. The 20 seconds equates to less than 1 second per lap at the 200m indoor track.

Since that initial 5k time trial I’ve worked more on speed and maintaining that speed over distance. This has meant some fairly short workouts, less than 20 minutes most times as I try to crank out sub 6 minute miles (4 min/km) and faster. This morning the hard work paid off as I finished up my running class with an 18:50 – 5k time trial at the indoor track. That’s knocking 30 seconds off my previous result. Given that I ran for 90 minutes on Sunday I’m pretty pumped with this result. It gives me confidence that I’ve reached that ‘fast’ threshold for semi-competitive runners. A sub-19 is pretty competitive in most local 5k races, putting a runner in the lead pack, so that’s nice to know I can do that. What else is interesting is that I improved with a lot less mileage than normal during training. Usually when I train for a race I ramp up mileage, with this training I only ramped up speed, took leisurely weekends, and just did intense speed work for the most part. Less is more? That’s what some of the experts have been saying these days. Perhaps it’s true?

Running is mostly a personal challenge and joy and I”m proud to have reached this accomplishment. For most others it will mean relatively little, but it’s the knowledge that when you try hard and train hard you can accomplish your goals. An old adage that is still very true.



2 Responses to Sub 19 min 5k

  1. Dave Renter

    Hi John,

    I’m really sorry I missed you & Kyle Monday morning! This was the week I was moving out of my house so it was a late night Sunday evening. I felt really badly missing our last class :(

    It was great getting to know you and running with you. I definitely improved as the semester moved along. Hopefully we can stay in touch – congrats on the 18:50 time :)

    Best wishes,

  2. jschmidty

    Hey Dave,

    I’m definitely missing our morning running class already. Wish you could’ve made it to the last class. Have a great time running in the ‘East’. I hope the move went well.

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