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One day until Coulee Cactus 39k trail race

Posted by on June 1, 2012

Tomorrow is the big day for Coulee Cactus trail race. Actually it’s a pretty low-key race, but it’s still a race so I’m looking forward to the challenge of competing. The race is about 39km and it’ll be my first trail race of the season. It all goes well, it’ll be followed by Powderface 42k trail race in July and Lost Soul Ultra 53k trail race in Sept.

My only concern, as is typical of most runners, that my training hasn’t been adequate. I maxed out with a pretty good week just two weeks ago totaling 100k; however I did it with runs less than 17km. So doubling that and more may pose some problems come race time. Sure I have some speed for 10k or 15k, but maintaining it may be problematic. I comfort myself in the knowledge that 100 miler runners never actually finish the distance in training, so maybe it’s fine if I do the same for shorter races? Last year I managed a good race at Coulee Cactus with my longest run being 2 hrs and the race taking 3.5 hrs. Maybe it’s more about consistency and intensity of workout rather than pure mileage on long runs? Who knows, training is a big guessing game and I try to fit in whenever and wherever I can. That’s my training plan – run when I can, for as long as I can, as hard as I can. Sounds simplistic and a bit silly, but it’s all I got. Yes, I taper, yes I rest, yes I do some faster and some slower – but that would make it sound complicated. This is where I’m at. We’ll see what the course says about it – ultimately it has the last say anyways.

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